Big dinner table for 6 persons

In this dinner nook there is the dominant represented by dark wood folding dinner table, in a folded form providing seating for 6 people. The chairs are unconventionally tuned into orange-spotted color. Paving on the ground is neutral grey. Place setting is combined dark/light, where white is represented by plates and dark by napkins. On the table there can not be missing the vase with flowers and aperitif glasses.

Big dinner table for 6 persons
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All-glass dinner table

All-glass dinner table
This dinner nook includes one jewel – the all-glass dinner table with wooden dark-scumble-stained legs from block. Very fancy dining is guaranteed with thick glass of this table, whose legs blend with the chairs, so forming effect of in-air hanging table. Elegant solution, but the realization has to be considered seriously in a familia with little children, for the edges of the glass table, even round smoothed, could hurt badly.

All-glass dinner table
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China Venice

China Venice. What another could come to your mind when you are looking at this agonizing? A nostalgia even for the grey Petrzalka residences. Maybe too rugged for us, but what is Venice city? Important is that the natives are satisfied and have a good living. We can just hope their plumbing system is better than the Venice’s one.

china venice
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Luxurious view to Lion Head

So this luxury summer residence offers really valiant view to a rock called Lion Head. Residences, costing many millions, are squeezed at the foot of the hill and hiding high society men and their secrets. Here You can have beautiful view with a basin and a sink, where You can spend shirtsleeve afternoons, lying on an air cushion drinking favorite drink. All You need for this is just to be born/get married/invest properly The view is spoiled a little by a gray housing unit above heads, but in other way no mistake..

Luxurious view to Lion Head
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The marriage bed with white filling pick

The basic element of this bedroom, connecting its single parts into a pretty unit, is the neutral light brown carpet with a longer thread, comfortable to touch, inhabitants like to walk on it barefoot. The bed has got wood frame, grating and foamy mattress with white filling pick and upholstered taboret. The bed tables are replenished with lamplets, and atypically every lamplet is different. A chair with coffee table for fast correspondence business.

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Beautiful square bathtub with Jacuzzi

In this bathroom there we can see a really stunning square bath with functioning of whirlpool and of massage by water jet. The bathroom is set on a substaining wall with topboard from marble, and side walls are tiled with casette wood, of the same veneer as is a rest of the furniture in the bathroom, so presenting together tuned unit. The bat is white and contrasts nicely with the dark wood. Plumbing fittings are made of brass and has got autonomous arms for cold and hot water operating.
There would be proper thermostatic battery already in the set. The bathroom is designed in a matter of space very generously and a main window with look into garden is dominant entity in it.

štvorcová vaňa s vírivkou a mramorovou doskou
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Interesting light gray three-piece set

This retirement in a house, formed from light grey seat arrangement with two embossing-cloth-upholstered chairs, offers a nice nook for a resting and sittings. It is replenished with unconventional taboret with strip pattern on green base. The carpet is neutral and suits to the chairs. The taboret sticks perhaps too much for its design and makes a attention-fixing dominant. The circular desk is crowded with flowers, not leaving a space for further using.

svetlo siva sedacia suprava
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Little Chinese Venice

On this shot we can see something like small china Venice. The townlet living on a passing river, literally have grown together with the water and it is clear that the inhabitants really need the water for everyday life. Houses are built on into the river bed rammed piles, and look like sticked swallow nests. Once standard living, today a show for tourists – this is the china reminding of Venice townlet.

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This town hall building in Berwick

This town hall building, situated in the city of Berwick, would be envied by a lot of our small towns. Pretty stone facade, turrets like castle ones, rugged shingle roof and entry arcades give pretty impression upon a visitor of the town. Concrete pavements and nice neat garden by the entry are a comfortable relieving of a day, that is spent the office bureaucracy fighting with. Really majestic representative of a town culture..

budova radnice berwick
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The picturesque Mediterranean port town

A picturesque port small town in Mediterranean as made for holiday resting. You can entry it by a rowboat, straight to a town mole, that merges into promenade, being full of shops with color facades and attractive shop windows. Classic Mediterranean roofs and white-shuttered windows are complemented with various facade colors from rose through ocherous to purple one. You can definite distinguish weaned tourist rowboats from native fishing vessels, still serving to the pilgrims for fresh catch in a net as a food enhancement.

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Dining table with massive wooden legs

The dinner table with massive wood legs and table glass board is a clear dominant of this breakfast nook. The top glass board is fancy, but in case when there are small children in a family, it is proper to think over the shopping, for the edges, even the round ones, can be really dangerous. The diners would sit on green bamboo chairs and have view to pretty sweet flag vase with white flowers. The place settings is classic one with color trays and yellow hanky.

jedálenský stôl s masívnymi nohami
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New residential district of wooden houses

The photo is captured process of building new residential areas of modern wooden houses. We see that the skeleton is the scantlings treated against wood decaying fungi and insect and fire resistant coating. Cladding on the outside is made ​​chipboard, below which is permeable film (away from the interior out). OSB comes to façade cladding or as the neighboring houses visible colored plaster. Sufficient thermal insulation properties drevodomu adds insulation in the form of insulating wool a minimum thickness of 20 cm is placed between the outer and inner cladding made ​​of plasterboard. Yet we must not forget the film on the interior under the plasterboard.

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